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We believe that a lot of organizations spend too much manual work when managing their governance, risk and compliance activities. Instead of analysis and forward looking actions to reduce risk, time is spent on gathering data, manually build reports and troubleshooting for missing or incorrect information. If that is case, a system that supports your activities and structure your work is an effective way to improve your business. Right now we are offering you to try Vertex GRC for 30 days for free. Just contact us and we will set it up for you.

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Vertex GRC is a cloud based GRC-system built on todays and tomorrows technology. The system simplifies management of governance, risk and compliance activities in a very user friendly way. The system is designed by business users for business users with focus on usability, easy and fast implementation and maintenance at a reasonable price. All processes, workflows and reports are pre-configured and enables organizations to be up and running within hours.


“We believe in simplicity and that a good system should be easy to understand and use…
and easy to procure and implement”

  • Our system is pre-configured just like Excel with standard setup and functionality ready to be used from day one

  • The implementation is reduced to setting up business processes and master data - not system configuration or technical implementation

  • To facilitate this, Vertex GRC is run in Microsoft Azure cloud, secured with separated databases for all customers

  • Licenses are is paid on a monthly basis – customers pay for the service they use and can terminate whenever they want

  • Our aim with Vertex GRC is to lower the barriers in the decisions process to enable more organizations full access to the benefits of a GRC system


Internal audit helps the organizations audit manager to ensure the most effective audit process. Both internal auditors and external engaged internal audit specialist plan and document their work centrally. Individual audits and identified issues are easily assigned and follow-up upon to minimize work load for both the auditor and the auditee.

Control Management helps the organization to document and manage risks in processes and IT systems. Either the organization performs regular overall evaluation of existing risk and controls or the current situation can be measured against a framework that set the expected standard for the organization. Objectives can be defined and followed-up on any level of the organizational structure. Reported incidents and audit issues support the process and control owners to get a clear picture on how well managed their area of responsibility is.

Risk Management helps the organization to approach risks in a structured way. The defined risk universe shows the current risk exposure and indicates trends for management. The risk information is captured from the organizations processes, controls, objectives, audit issues, incidents and performed risk assessments, which are all interlinked. Top risks can be defined and actions can be created and followed-up upon to ensure forwards looking and pro-active management of desired risk exposure.

Incident Management helps the organization to approach incidents in a structured way. Anyone within the organization can report an incident. Workflows support categorization and evaluation of the incident to ensure pro-active management. As all incidents are categorized they can be aggregated and, in connection with risks, give a clearer picture to management on how well the organization is run.

Policy Management helps the organization to have control of policys and other regulations in a structured way, with version control. Compliance officers can very easily assess if policys are adhered to by asking all relevant stakeholders how they comply to a certain policy. Easy to understand dashboard reporting is directly available.

Compliance Management helps the organization to structure policy documents, process, risks and controls into frameworks that can be followed up upon separately. The combination of policy compliance, incidents, control effectiveness and current risk exposure can be monitored for any given framework that the compliance officer sets up.


A simple flat rate price-plan with a monthly subscription fee, including all your employees


Please contact us to hear more about Vertex GRC or for a demo of the system.

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